Our values

Guests at the Hotel le Colmar, you get quality of service and our team in order to make of this parenthesis a pleasant and friendly moment. Our commitments are not stopping there, as you support sustainable tourism values that we revendicate every day by reducing the environmental impact of our business and enhancing the local economy.

Concretely, what does that mean?

  •     We invite our guests to reuse towels: it is a simple and equally comfortable!The most part of our clients reuse their towels once, as they would do at home.This eco-gesture can significantly reduce the environmental cost of cleaning towels: less water, less energy, less detergent.
  •     We are "consum'actors": maximum local and sustainable products for the local shops, creating jobs in the Alsacian territory, and well on to the environment.The environmental costs of production and transportation of fresh products is important ... that's why we buy from local producers who share our vision of quality and fresh.So, at breakfast, we like to offer you fresh daily bread and seasonal fruits that have ripened on their plant and not in a warehouse!
  •     We restrict chemicals: when in use, the 30-40 substances a household product component inevitably found in domestic wastewater treatment plants that do not completely get rid of toxic waste. We make our household product 100% natural, effective and not dangerous for the planet, for us and especially for you!


To be an eco-citizen is to change our behavior!
Whether at home or at the hotel, all our actions affect the environment. Therefore, we ask you, when this is possible:
  •  turn off the lights when you leave the room,
  • do not leave electrical appliances on standby, including your computer, the TV, 
  • do not leave the charger your connected phone unnecessarily,
  •  not to allow heating to a high temperature and keep the window closed,
  • not to let the tap water unnecessarily,
  •  if you stay more nights, we invite you to reuse your towels,
  •  If you want to contribute to sorting, place it on the desk in your room: magazines, non-soiled paper, empty plastic water bottles and newspapers, and don't hesitate to report any anomaly (water leak ...)

Thank you for your participation!


Here they are! our Christmas rates 2017!

From 50 euros for an "essential" double room to 80euros for one of our family rooms, everybody can find the best offer to the Hotel le Colmar!